about us

We are Seavide, the world’s first precision cooking dedicated company for fish and seafood. Seavide is an innovative and dynamic company which specializes in premium quality ready to be used meals. Our core process is the sous vide slow cooking method, one of the most important innovations in modern cuisine.

Today, leading top chefs around the world recognize the strength that the sous vide method has to offer, mainly through it’s capability to precisely prepare safe and healthy food of unparalleled organoleptic and nutritional value.

why us

Our lauded method of safe precision cooking
produces fish and seafood table – ready home meal
replacements with enhanced shelf life and
impeccable quality.

our cooking process provides benefits that
address growing concerns of food safety

Precision is the trademark of our ready
to eat products.
No guesswork, perfect every time

Yields are stronger, shelf life longer
(up to 4 weeks @ +3Celcius and
up to 2 years @ -18Celcious)

Naturally preserves flavor and texture –
it’s why we say the fork is our best sales person

Simple and easy execution for chefs,
households and working labor to prepare

The possibilities are endless

Retains products nutritional value, non GMO only
100% natural ingredients, no use of preservatives,
fillers and artificial flavoring enhancers

what is the
sous vide ?

In French, sous vide (veed) means under vacuum and has been firstly invented in Europe. It is a highly scientific cooking technique were food as part of the process is vacuum sealed and slowly cooked in very precise (±0,1oC) low temperatures under water until is perfectly cooked edge to edge. To date, there is no other known cooking method that produces safe and consistently excellent organoleptic results.

This is the main reason that is trusted by the world’s top chefs and the food afficionados.